CDI offers its clients an extremely cost effective, fast and dependable source of information on commercial entities in the United States and Canada. With a choice of five reports, each is designed to provide the insight needed for a specific situation.  CDI ensures the timely delivery of accurate data from the comprehensive and extensive Commercial Credit Report Plus, to the abbreviated summary of the Clue Report.  

There are no annual fees, no contracts, and no minimum usage requirements; only a modest one-time set up fee. Clients simply access the information they need, when they need it at substantial savings over other services.   

Varying in depth and detail, but drawing on the combined information of respected data sources, these reports are easy to read and designed to accommodate the creditor's requirements for evaluating or reviewing a prospective or existing account. Click on report titles to see samples of each report.



The Commercial Credit Report Plus is our most comprehensive report.  It contains trade payment experiences, collection and public record data, UCC filings, a score and credit limit recommendation, and more.  Sources are Experian, Edgar, and LexisNexis.  Used when evaluating large credit lines. 

$39 per report


The Commercial Credit Report contains everything included above, but without the score and credit limit recommendation.  Perfect for the credit professional who wants all the data to make their own decisions.

$34 per report  


The Commercial Score Report is a summary of our full report, including the score and credit limit recommendation.  Ideal for day-to-day transactions.

$19 per report


The Company Financials Report provides a look at the comprehensive statistics provided by public companies as found on their annual reports.  A feature of this option allows the user to add their notes at the end of the report for internal use.  A good source of profit/loss, income/expense and other data. 

$19 per report


The Clue is our most basic summary report.  Best used when evaluating transactions of less than $1000.

$11 per report


The Enhanced Commercial Credit Report (information about Canadian Companies Only) is an extremely comprehensive report on Canadian companies.  It contains detailed payment history, banking, liens, judgments, collections, and more.

$49 per report


The Bank Verification to verify that the routing number and account number exist, and that the account is open in good status.  It will not verify any actual dollar amount, just that there are funds (even one dollar is enough for a pass).  Used to verify all payments made with a check.

$4 per attempt


The List of Similars/No Record will be shown if there is not an exact match or no records of a particular company exist in the database.

$1 per attempt


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